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Perm Fundamental 烫发基础

A course by Neo Team, Educators
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Your ultimate guide to perms. Develop the art of creating movement in the hair by educating yourself with all the things you need to know about perms to get started – from its origins to the perfect execution of your desired perm. Curl, wave, bounce and texture will be at your fingertips with a strong understanding of perm fundamentals and technique which you will learn in this course.

By the end of this course you will be able to strengthen your perm foundation on both hot and cold perms allowing you to better evaluate your clients hair to achieve the best curl result possible. This course is suitable for beginners or those who simply want to refresh their perm knowledge.
在完成本课程后,随着热烫、冷烫基础技能的加强,你能更精准地评估客户的头发并帮其达到最佳的烫发效果。 本课程更适用于初学者或想优化烫发知识的美发师。

What you will learn 您将学到 :

1. Key points for a successful perm 成功烫发的要点
2. Perm history 烫发历史
3. Why do we perm 为什么需要烫发
4. Types of Perms 烫发种类
5. Winding Techniques 上杠技术
6. Perm Lotion 烫发药水
7. Cold vs Hot Perm 冷烫与热烫
8. Cold Perm Step-by-Step 冷烫步骤
9. Hot Perm Step-by-Step 热烫步骤
10. Softening 软化
11. Consultation 咨询服务
12. Hair Cuts for Perm 烫发裁剪

Introduction 课程介绍
• Types of perms 烫发种类 • Cold vs Hot Perm 冷烫与热烫 • Key points for a successful perm 成功烫发的要点
2 mins
History 烫发历史
• Perm origins 烫发起源 • Significance of perm 烫发的意义 • Perm trends 烫发趋势
4 mins
Why We Perm 为什么需要烫发
• Reasons why clients perm 客户烫发的原因 • How perms can affect a person's image 烫发如何影响形象 • How perms can solve hair problems 烫发如何解决头发问题
3 mins
Types of Perms 烫发种类
• Various kinds of root perms 各种发根烫 • Perm trends around the world 世界各地的烫发趋势 • Men's vs. Women's Perm 男士烫与女士烫 • Popular perm trends 烫发流行趋势
8 mins
Types of Winding 上杠方式
• Horizontal, vertical and diagonal section perm 水平,垂直和对角线截面烫发 • Importance of angles during winding 上杠角度的重要性 • Customising your preferred perm shape 自定您喜欢的烫发形状 • How to create C, J and S curls 如何创造C,J和S卷发
7 mins
Types of Lotion 烫发剂的种类
• Lotion strength vs. hair texture/condition 药水强度与发质/状况的关系 • Alkaline vs. acidic perm 碱性vs.酸性烫 • Popular perm lotions in the market 市场上流行的烫发药水
11 mins
Perm Differences 冷烫与热烫的差异
• How cold and hot perm works on the hair 冷、热烫的不同效果和原理 • Hair styles that suit cold and hot perms 适合冷热烫的发型 • Pros and cons 优点和缺点
6 mins
Cold Perm Process 冷烫运作过程
• Steps for a successful cold perm 成功冷烫的步骤 • Important details to consider 要考虑的重要细节 • Maintenance and post perm care 保养和烫发后护理
7 mins
Perm Process 运作过程
• Steps for a successful cold perm 成功热烫的步骤 • Important details to consider 要考虑的重要细节 • Maintenance and post perm care 保养和烫发后护理
13 mins
Softening 软化
• Analyse the softening level to control curl sizes 分析软化程度以控制卷度 • Techniques to control softening while maintaining the hair condition 保持发质健康的同时控制柔软的技术 • Achieve solid and bouncy curls 拥有坚韧而弹性的卷发
11 mins
Consultation 咨询服务
• Identify your client's perm needs 确定客户的烫发需求 • Suitable perm recommendations 提出合适的烫发建议 • Importance of consultation and post perm care 烫后护理和咨询服务的重要性
13 mins
Haircut Ideas 裁剪和烫发的配搭
• How hair cuts affect waves and curls 剪发如何影响波浪和卷发 • Layering for curls and waves 卷发和波浪的层次感 • Key points for voluminous curls and waves 蓬松卷发和波浪的要点
5 mins
Styling 造型
• How to style your hair after perm 烫发后如何造型 • Different types of styling technique 造型种类
7 mins
Perm Closing 总结
• Recap and summary 复习和总结
2 mins
Number 76
Ceres Hair Studio
Royal Fansco Salon

Neo Team

Passionate and dedicated to their work, the Neo Team comprises of a group of individuals that have come together through their love for education and hair. With years and some even decades  of experience in the industry conducting seminars and workshops, they have learnt so much and have developed one common goal – to give back to the community.  Continuously refining their skills and expanding their knowledge, the team is always learning and aspires to educate fellow hairstylists in the community to grow and raise their own standards.
工作热情和投入精神,NEO团队是因他们对教育和美发的热忱联系在一起所组成的。他们都有多年甚至几十年的行业经验在举办研讨会和讲习班,学会了许多知识,并同时制定了一个共同目标--回馈社会。 他们不断提高自己的技能和扩展知识,这团队一直在学习,并渴望通过教育和发型师一同成长并提高自己的标准。

The individual profiles of our team can be found on our "Artists" page.
团队成员的个人简介可以在我们的 "Artists "页面里搜索。
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06 July, 2021

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