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Colour Fundamental 染发基础

A course by Neo Team, Educators
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Hair colour is a complex, fascinating and beautiful medium of creative expression that can be explained scientifically. This Colour Fundamental course has been created to provide you with the essential theories and knowledge that will equip you to be confident in growing and developing a colour clientele. This will provide you with a strong foundation for you to further explore the colour world.

Taught over 10 topics, you will end this course with all the basic knowledge and know how that an in-demand colourist needs.

What you will learn 您将学到:

1. What is colour? 什么是颜色?
2. Types of Colour 染发剂的种类
3. How colours work 颜色如何运作
4. Colour level 色阶
5. Colour wheel 色轮
6. Colour Numbering 颜色偏号代表
7. Mixing Ratio 颜色混合比例
8. Peroxide & Development time 双氧乳&放置时间
9. Consultation 咨询服务
10. Grey Coverage 白发覆盖/补根涂抹方式
11. Toning Application 上色涂抹方式
12. Two Touch Application两段式涂抹方式
13. Three Touch Application三段式涂抹方式

This course is applicable to both eastern and western colour users.

Colour Fundamental Introduction 课程介绍
• Importance of colour knowledge 染色知识的重要性 • Universal colour knowledge applicable to all brands 适用于所有品牌通用的染色知识 • Facts and myths about colour 关于染发的谜团谣言与正解答案
3 mins
What is Colour? 什么是色彩?
• What is colour? 什么是颜色? • Importance of hair colour 染发的重要性 • Why do we colour hair 我们为什么要染发
7 mins
Types of Colour 染色种类
• Temporary Colours 暂时性染发 • Semi/Demi Permanent Colours 半永久染发 • Permanent Colours 永久染发 • Oxidation Dyes vs. Direct Dyes 氧化性染料与直接性染料
17 mins
How Colours Work 染发如何操作
• Temporary/semi/demi and permanent hair colour pigments on the hair 暂时性/半永久性和永久性染发在头发上的色素粒子 • Each colourant's reaction on the hair 每种染发剂对头发的反应 • Colour and peroxide chemical reaction on the hair 颜色和双氧水/乳在头发上的化学反应
5 mins
Colour Level 色调亮度
• Understanding colour level 了解色调亮度 • Western vs Japanese colour levels 西方与日本色系的亮度区别 • Underlying pigments behind every level 每个色调亮度的基底色
4 mins
Colour Wheel 色轮
• Colour characteristics 颜色特征 • Colour wheel 色轮 • Primary/secondary/complementary colours 原色/二次色/互补色 • Chromatic and achromatic colours 彩色和无彩色 • Brightness, saturation and hue 亮度,饱和度和色相
14 mins
Colour Numbering 色调系统
• Universal numeric and alphabetic colour system 数字和字母色调系统 • Universal colour coding applicable to all brands 适用于所有品牌的通用色调编码
7 mins
Mixing Ratio 混色
• Mixing ratios 混色比例 • Facts and myths about colour mixing 混色的事实和相信
5 mins
Peroxide & Development Time 染发双氧和停留/静置时间
• Colour & peroxide development time 染膏和双氧水/乳的停留/静置时间 • Importance of development time 染发停留/静置时间的重要性
5 mins
Consultation 咨询服务
• Importance of consultation and analysis 咨询和分析的重要性 • 3 key points in consultation 咨询3个要点 • Do's and Don'ts 该做和不该做的事项
9 mins
Grey Coverage 补盖新生白发 涂抹方式
• Basic colour application techniques 基本染发 涂抹技术 • Live demo on mannequin head 现场演示公仔头
8 mins
Toning Application 上色涂抹方式
• Basic colour application techniques 基本染发 涂抹技术 • Live demo on mannequin head 现场演示公仔头
18 mins
Two Touch Application 两段式涂抹方式
• Basic colour application techniques 基本染发 涂抹技术 • Live demo on mannequin head 现场演示公仔头
8 mins
Three Touch Application 三段式涂抹方式
• Basic colour application techniques 基本染发 涂抹技术 • Live Demo on mannequin head 现场演示公仔头
13 mins
Colour Fundamental Closing 总结
• Recap and summary 回顾和总结
3 mins
Mister K Salon
Unique Expired
Room Seven Salon
Paris Mansion

Neo Team

Passionate and dedicated to their work, the Neo Team comprises of a group of individuals that have come together through their love for education and hair. With years and some even decades  of experience in the industry conducting seminars and workshops, they have learnt so much and have developed one common goal – to give back to the community.  Continuously refining their skills and expanding their knowledge, the team is always learning and aspires to educate fellow hairstylists in the community to grow and raise their own standards.
工作热情和投入精神,NEO团队是因他们对教育和美发的热忱联系在一起所组成的。他们都有多年甚至几十年的行业经验在举办研讨会和讲习班,学会了许多知识,并同时制定了一个共同目标--回馈社会。 他们不断提高自己的技能和扩展知识,这团队一直在学习,并渴望通过教育和发型师一同成长并提高自己的标准。

The individual profiles of our team can be found on our "Artists" page.
团队成员的个人简介可以在我们的 "Artists "页面里搜索。
10 August, 2021

It was good and definitely helpful ..been struggling with colour technique all this while .. and this really helps , thank you

Wei Jie
06 July, 2021

Nice video quality with very details explanation... Looking forward to get more information of products from Nekderx and useful tips in next video... Support

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