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Empowering hairdressers through education to redefine the possible.

In the age of vast information and technology, education remains essential but not always accessible. With access to online learning resources, anyone, anywhere can gain knowledge and skills to pursue their dream and transform their lives. With NEO Academy, we aim to bring this fulfilment to hairdressers within the South East Asian region.

Founded by Nekderx, NEO Academy is a new learning platform that aims to cater to all hairdressers around the world to gain a deeper understanding of the SEA hair industry. All NEO Academy platform educators and artists are certified hair experts that have conducted various hair shows, seminars, workshops, courses and classes. Guests Artists are experienced creative professionals from all over the world that have mastered skills or techniques that are unique to them. Equipped with multiple subtitles and voice over translations (coming soon), NEO Academy offers education accessible to anyone with an interest in hairdressing.

Our Vision

To be the No.1 Online Education Platform in SEA offering quality and accessible online education to hairdressers, providing them with a deeper understanding of the SEA hair industry and trends.

Our Mission

  • To elevate our industry through easy access to quality and professional education
  • To connect our industry as a strong community through education sharing
  • To discover talent and showcase it to the world
  • To inspire young generation hairdressers

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