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Masterclass Level 1 (Highlights) 染发趋势高阶课 LV1 (挑染)

A course by Glen Hew, Head of Education
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Glen's signature "Minimal Placement, Maximum Impact" highlights techniques explained and demonstrated. Taught in over 100 classes nationwide in 2020, this technique has been highly requested by salons and customers due to its easy application and striking visual. Watch, learn and enrich your salon colour menu with this iconic colouring service.


What you will learn 你将会学到 :

1. Masterclass highlights 高阶课挑染
2. Variation of highlights 挑染分类
3. Blending 接口柔和渐变
4. Face framing 发际线挑染
5. Sectioning 挑染分区
6. Application 涂抹方式
7. Colour selection 发色选择
8. Colour neutralising 中和撞色
9. Toning (Water vs. Shampoo) 沐浴染(水vs洗发液)
10. Highlights Plan 挑染计划
11. Live Demo - Highlight & Sectioning 现场演示-挑染的分区方式
12. Live Demo - 10F Highlights 现场演示-十片挑染
13. Live Demo - Base Colour 现场演示-底色
14. Live Demo - Roots Touch up & Toning 现场演示-发根和挑染上色

Masterclass Highlights 高阶课挑染
• What are F Highlights 什么是快速挑染 • F Highlights content 快速挑染内容
2 mins
Variation of Highlights 挑染分类
• 5 different highlight techniques 五种挑染技术 • Effect of each highlight technique 不同挑染技术的效果
3 mins
Blending 接口柔和渐变
• 2 different types of blending techniques 两种不同的接口柔和渐变技巧 • Tips and tricks 技巧和窍门
5 mins
Face Framing 发际线挑染
• Face framing highlights on different face shapes 不同脸型的发际线挑染 • Tips and tricks 技巧和窍门
8 mins
Sectioning 挑染分区
• 3 key sections for highlights 挑染三大黄金分区 • Different types of sectioning patterns 不同种类的分区
5 mins
Application 涂抹方式
• Different type of highlights application process 不同挑染的涂抹步骤 • Effect and result of each process 不同步骤的效果
3 mins
Colour Selection 发色选择
• Colours that match personal style, skin tone and Asian features 配搭亚洲护色的高级感发色 • Long-lasting colours that are easy to change 持久又容易改色的发色
2 mins
Colour Neutralising 中和撞色
• Colour neutralising method that solves all problems 利用中和撞色解决所有的发色问题 • Quick basin neutralising method 快速中和撞色方法
4 mins
Toning (Water vs. Shampoo) 沐浴染(水vs洗发液)
• Toning with water technique(水)沐浴染技术 • Toning with shampoo technique(洗发液)沐浴染技术
4 mins
Highlights Plan 挑染计划
• Yearly highlights service for your client 挑染服务年度计划 • Touch up techniques to upgrade your look 使整体造型升级的补染技术
4 mins
Live Demo - Highlights & Sectioning 现场演示—挑染和分区
• Hair before Highlights & Color 挑染和上色前 • Hair Sectioning 挑染分区
3 mins
Live Demo - 10F Highlights 现场演示-十片挑染
• Face Framing Highlight Techniques 发际线挑染方式 • Diamond & Triangle Section Highlights 钻石和三角形挑染方式 • Step-by-step highlights 挑染步骤 • Tips and tricks 技巧和窍门
22 mins
Live Demo - Base Colour 现场演示-底色
• Base colour application 涂抹底色 • Colour selection 染发分区
7 mins
Live Demo - Roots Touch up & Toning 现场演示-发根和挑染上色
• Roots touch up application technique 发根借口涂抹方式 • Highlights toning application technique 挑染上色涂抹方式
16 mins
Local and International Hairdressers

Glen Hew

Neo Team . Head of Education
A name now synonymous with the hairdressing industry in Malaysia, Glen Hew is known as the "Hair God" amongst his loyal clients. Leading the growth of the Malaysian hair industry, Glen is the Vice President of Asia Hairdesigner Association (AHA) and Head of Education at Nekders Sdn Bhd where he spearheads the education programs for global cosmetic brands such as Milbon, Lebel, La Biosthetique, TIGI, Framesi, Goldilocks, K-Gloss, Olaplex and Hikari. His popularity across Asia has led him to conduct over 1000 hair courses, seminars, workshops and shows in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea during his entire career as an educator. Being Head of Education at Nekderx, Glen has had played key roles in managing a team to run a shows, seminars and courses. Beyond education, Glen has also been invited to judge hair competitions, beauty pageants and has served as the official hairdresser for various fashion weeks, shows, magazines, musicians and local celebrities.
Glen Hew - 马来西亚美发行业的代名词,在他的忠实粉丝们中被称为“头发之神”。 Glen是马来西亚发型业发展的领导者,亚洲发型设计师协会(AHA)副主席兼 Nekderx Sdn Bhd 的教育总监. 负责领导全球美发品牌的教育计划,如 Milbon,Lebel,La Biosthetique,TIGI, Framesi,Goldilocks,K-Gloss,Olaplex 和 Hikari。他在亚洲各地的声望使他在整个职业生涯中,在马来西亚,文莱,新加坡,泰国,越南,菲律宾,印尼,中国,香港,台湾,日本和韩国举办了1000多次发型课程,研讨会,讲习班和发型秀。作为Nekderx的教育总监,Glen在管理团队举办发型秀,研讨会和课程方面发挥了关键作用。除教育外,还应邀评判发型比赛,选美比赛,并担任各种时装周,时装秀,杂志,音乐家和当地名人的官方美发师。

Starting his hair dressing career at the age of 16, he became the youngest global brand educator at the age of 17 and has strived to continue improving his craft and profession by taking every opportunity he could to train abroad in order to gain international insight and global skills. Glen has trained in various Asian countries, Europe, America and is a graduate of Vidal Sassoon Academy and Toni & Guy.
16岁开始从事美发事业,17岁成为最年轻的全球品牌教育家,并努力抓住一切机会在国外进行培训,以不断发展自己的工艺和职业,从而获得国际视野。 Glen曾在亚洲多个国家/地区,欧洲,美国接受过培训,并且毕业于Vidal SassoonAcademy和Toni&Guy。

Glen is a master in creating total transformation looks incorporating hair coloring, cutting and styling. His recent popular Masterclass by Glen, a three-day high level systematic color trend technique class, has been a hit across Asia with a huge demand requesting for more. Over the years, Glen has gained a huge following on social media platforms with his creative hair contents and editing skills, increasing his popularity globally.
Glen精通于染发,剪裁和造型融为一体的整体造型大师。 为期三天的高级系统色彩趋势技术课程,在整个亚洲都很受欢迎,需求巨大。 多年来,凭借其创新的发型内容和编辑技巧在社交媒体平台上赢得了巨大的关注,从而在全球范围内获得了越来越高的知名度。

Masterclass 2018

• Guangzhou, China
• Shanghai, China
• Sichuan, China
• Hanoi, Vietnam
• Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh, Sabah & Sarawak)

Masterclass 2019

• Jakarta, Indonesia
• Manila, Philippines
• Bangkok, Thailand
• Hanoi, Vietnam
• Kunming, China
• Taiyuan, China
• Dalian, China
• Shengyang, China
• Tianjin, China
• Shanghai, China
• Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Sabah & Sarawak)

Masterclass 2020

• Jakarta, Indonesia
• China (Webinar)
• Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang and Ipoh)
Kai Ting
18 June, 2023

Superb Good!!!

31 December, 2022

After this course my highlight technique improve so so much

20 July, 2021

Definitely an eye opener on such a simple yet sophisticated system of creating beautiful highlights! Very efficient and precise on a less is more look. Be sure to ask questions if in doubt because Teacher Glen will not hesitate to share his tips and advice!

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