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Korean Perm 韩式烫

A course by Junn Tay, Educator
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  • Updated at 03 Sep, 2021

From K-dramas to K-pop, Korean idols have skyrocketed to fame throughout the entertainment industry over the years. Following suit is the rise of the K-beauty popularity with everyone wanting to look like their favourite Korean idols and actresses. The focus of K-beauty is naturalness. Aside from their glass skin, the Koreans are known for their goddess-like waves that look effortlessly natural and healthy. These loose and bouncy waves soften their facial features creating a youthful and radiant complexion that every girl desires.

In this perm course, you will learn a perm and cut combination that is suited for the Korean wave. The point here is to choose a cutting style that brings out the wave and complements the shape off the overall perm.

You will also learn how to recondition the hair texture and some key points to note before and after the softening process. During the softening process Junn teaches you how to accurately assess the softening level and adjust accordingly to achieve your desired curl size and elasticity.
课程里也会让你理解如何调整发质,软化前后必须留意的重点。 打造《韩式烫》的过程,如何准确判断软化程度达到圈度效果保持大圈具有弹性。

The Korean perm is now an essential service in the salon with the rising popularity of K-pop idols and K-dramas. Watch this course to equip yourself with the knowledge of perfecting the Korean perm.
随着K-pop 韩流和韩国偶像剧的流行热潮,因此韩式烫已成为沙龙的一项基本服务。观看这课程使自己掌握更完善的韩式烫发知识。

What you will learn 你将会学到 :

• Cutting style to accentuate the Korean wave // 突出韩流的剪裁风格
• How to recondition the hair texture after softening // 如何修复软化后的发质
• Softening level analysis // 软化分析
• Sectioning for Korean perms // 分区做韩式烫
• Winding techniques to achieve the "Korean Perm" wave // 上杠技术实现波浪的卷绕
• How to retain moisture and elasticity during the neutraliser process // 如何在中和剂过程中保持水分和弹性
• Styling and finishing pointers to achieve that effortless wave // 波浪造型和修饰要点

2 mins
Hair cut 1
9 mins
Hair cut 2
裁剪 2
5 mins
Pre Treatment
3 mins
Softening Analysis
3 mins
Softening Process
6 mins
1 mins
13 mins
4 mins
5 mins
3 mins

Junn Tay

Neo Team . Educator
Junn has an industry experience of 19 years with a bright and optimistic personality that captures the heart of her clients and students. Currently known as our perm guru, Junn had dedicated her past few years to focus and research on the latest perm techniques and trends from around the world and sharing them in her perm seminars and workshops at Nekderx. Her wealth of knowledge and experience has proven her to be invaluable to her perm clients and students

2002 : Started her journey as a hairstylist at a local Japanese hair salon.

2004 : Became a professional hair stylist in Malaysia

2006-2007 : Worked as a Technical Educator for American brands JOICO and NIOXIN

2008-2018 : Established her own hair salon with a team of 10 hair stylists and assistants. Developing her perm expertise early on, Junn was popular among her clients for her perm work that creates perfectly textured curls with techniques and styles suited for each individualistic appearance. Mastering perms is her goal in the hairdressing industry.

2018 : Junn joined the NEKDERX team as Education Manager to push herself further and improve in areas where she was limited to in a salon. At NEKDERX, Junn continued to focus on her perm project by further researching and understanding all the perm theories at a deeper level. Through Nekderx, Junn had to opportunity to collaborate with various perm artists from all over the world and gained better insight on the different styles of perm a how to achieve them.

2019 - 2020 : Junn conducted more than 100 educational courses nationwide with the support of the NEKDERX team.

2021 - Through Neo she aims to inspire hairstylists with her perm knowledge and expertise.
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