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[Alph Studio] Signature Cut & Style 标志性裁剪和独特风格

A course by Alph Studio, Salon
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  • Updated at 01 Oct, 2021

The  directors of Alph Studio – Kenza Lum, Daisy Lee and Sean See presents to you their 3 hair cut styles with the highest return rate. Kenza will demonstrate his signature speed cut for three different hair lengths with styling maestros Daisy and Sean to demonstrate the styling finishes. Save time and accommodate more customers without compromising on quality results with these techniques.
Alph Studio 的总监 – Kenza Lum、Daisy Lee 和 Sean See 为您介绍他们的三款回报率最高的剪发风格。Kenza将以他标志性的快速剪来示范三种不同长度的头发剪裁,而造型大师Daisy和Sean将展示头发的造型设计。通过这些技术, 节省时间及在不影响质量结果的情况下与更多的客户交流。

What you will learn :

• Key techniques and theory in Alph's Razor Cut Collection // Alph 剃刀裁剪汇集的关键技术与理论
• How to cut and style Long Razored Layers // 如何裁剪长发和造型
• How to cut and style a Blunt Shaggy Bob // 如何裁剪中发和造型
• How to cut and style an Edgy Pixie Cut // 如何裁剪短发和造型
• Alph's curling tong styling techniques // Alph 卷发棒造型技术
• Alph's flat iron styling techniques // Alph 平板夹造型技术

1 mins
Alph Studio's Brand Philosophy
Alph 品牌理念 [Kenza]
1 mins
Alph's Razor Cut Collection Concept & Key Techniques
Alph 剃刀裁剪汇集概念与关键技术 [Kenza]
1 mins
Demo - Razor Cutting Theory & Key Technique
演示 -剃刀剪裁汇集理论与关键技术 [Kenza]
4 mins
Demo - Alph's Curling Tongs Styling Technique
演示-电棒造型技术 [Daisy]
1 mins
Demo - Alph's Flat Iron Styling Technique
演示 - 电棒造型技术 [Sean]
1 mins
Demo - Sectioning for Long Razored Layers
长发裁剪分区 [Kenza]
5 mins
Demo - Long Razored Layers Cut
长发裁剪 [Kenza]
10 mins
Demo - Styling Long Razored Layers
长发造型 [Daisy]
6 mins
Demo - Sectioning for a Blunt Shaggy Bob
中发裁剪分区 [Kenza]
4 mins
Demo - Blunt Shaggy Bob Wet Cut
中发裁剪 [Kenza]
5 mins
Demo - Blunt Shaggy Bob Dry Cut
中发裁剪 [Kenza]
5 mins
Demo - Styling a Blunt Shaggy Bob
中发造型 [Sean]
5 mins
Demo - Sectioning for an Edgy Pixie Cut
短发裁剪分区 [Kenza]
3 mins
Demo - Edgy Pixie Cut
短发裁剪 [Kenza]
12 mins
Demo - Styling an Edgy Pixie Cut
短发造型 [Kenza]
4 mins
1 mins

Alph Studio

Your appearance is an art, and arts are unique.

We believe that everyone is different with her own taste and decorum, just like arts. It is hence our goal to care for your appearance as we would an art, with passion, creativity, and exclusiveness.

‘Customer Services’ are not words or slogans, but habits.

We believe that customer service is not an empty talk, but a habit embedded in every aspect of interactions we have with you. We strive to deliver our deepest care in every cut, touch, and conversation, for you do not deserve anything less. Should you feel not satisfied with our service and product, which we are proud to think as very unlikely, feel free to come back and we will give it a revamp, free of charge.

Skillful stylists make you look good, but insistence on high quality products and principled practices makes it last.

We believe only in high quality products to befit our stylists’ skills. Only high quality, genuine products, like those you see on display or conveyed to you by our stylists during consultation, are used during your treatments. This is our secret recipe in giving you a fabulous yet long-lasting look. Complimentary pack will be given to help you care for yourself after you leave our studio, and you are always invited back in 2 weeks for a free touch-up (for selective treatments only).

Treatments should be enjoyed, not stressed over.

We believe that treatments should be a great way for you to unwind. Cozy environment, comfortable chairs, complimentary drink, soothing music, scented high quality products are but our standard issues. Our friendly team are highly trained in communication to ensure that you always get the look you desire, stress-free. (In return, we ask only for your cooperation to treat our stylists and other customers with respect and peace that they rightly deserve as well).

Having satisfied customers is great, but having satisfied stylists is equally crucial.

We believe that talented & satisfied stylists are the indispensable parts of our success. Continuous development, in-depth industry knowledge, and satisfying working environment are but our basic promises. Genuine smiles from our customers and stylists are the least you can expect from our happy family.

The individual profiles of Kenza Lum, Daisy Lee and Sean See can be found on our "Artists" page.
Kenza Lum, Daisy Lee 和 Sean See 的个人简介可以在我们的 "Artists "页面里游览。
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