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Evelyn Liew

Evelyn Liew

Nekderx . Social Media Executive
Evelyn started her first career at Nekderx and graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College as a degree holder, majoring in Public Relations with the title of Bachelor of Public Relations.
Evelyn 在 Nekderx 开始了她的第一个职业生涯,并从东姑阿都拉曼大学学院毕业,主修公共关系,获得公共关系学士学位。

During her internship, Evelyn gained experience in the field by working as a social media content creator before progressing on into becoming a Social Media Executive at Nekderx where she handles and manages most of the social media matters for Nekderx brands.
在实习期间,Evelyn 通过担任社交媒体内容创建获得了该领域的经验,然后在 Nekderx 成为社交媒体专员,处理和管理 Nekderx 品牌的大部分社交媒体事务。

As a fresh graduate, she is determined to cultivate her creative idea into Nerkdex's social media platforms as she strongly believes that creativity is the key factor behind a successful social media management.
作为一名应届毕业生,她决心将自己的创意融入 Nekderx 的社交媒体平台,因为她坚信创造力是成功的社交媒体管理背后的关键因素。

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