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Eiji Yamasaki

Eiji Yamasaki

Aki Hair Studio . Technical Director
Yamasaki-san has been an advisor of seminars and magazines in Japan and overseas and also, in charge of chemical products development at Major Salon. During his time as an advisor in Japan, he was in charge of planning a series of basic cut contents as a lecturer for magazines.

In 2018, he relocated to Malaysia and became Technical Director at AKI Hair Studio, a successful Japanese hair salon in Mont Kiara. Yamasaki-san remains active in Southeast Asia as a seminar lecturer for local hairdressers. Together with the owner of Aki Hair Studio, Aki-san, the duo are continuously active in contributing to the development of beauty in Asia.

Yamasaki-san曾在日本和海外担任研讨会和杂志的顾问,并在Major Salon负责化学产品的研发。在日本担任顾问期间,作为杂志讲师的他负责策划一系列的基本剪法内容。
2018年,他移居到了马来西亚并成为AKI Hair Studio的技术总监,是在Mont Kiara一家成功的日本发廊。Yamasaki-san依然很活跃的在东南亚一带,担任当地美发师的研讨会讲师。并与Aki Hair Studio的老板Aki-san,俩人不断积极地为亚洲美发的发展作出贡献。

東京の大手サロンでの国内、海外でのセミナーや業界誌、薬剤開発アドバイザーなどを担当。 業界誌ではベーシックカットの講師として毎月連載の企画を担当。2018年からマレーシア AKI hair studio 店長テクニカルディレクターとして、現地美容師向けセミナー講師として東南アジアで活躍中。Owner AKI と共にアジアの美容の発展に貢献すべく活躍中。

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